Being part of the TdoG (Tag der offenen Gesellschaft – Day Of The Open Society) is easy! You have two options: you can either sit down at one of the tables in your neighbourhood or – even better – create your own.


In that respect there are no limits to the possibilities. As past years have shown, the entire event thrives on the ingenuity of its participants.


If the following FAQs don’t answer all your questions, send us an email (tdog19@die-offene-gesellschaft.de) or give us a ring (+49 176 457 912 04).

Where does this year’s TdoG take place?

Everywhere in Germany, and beyond! No matter where you are on 15 June 2019, you can sign up for a table and become an important part of this huge event.

Why should I take part in this year’s TdoG?

The narrow-minded fringes of society become louder and louder, and the fair-minded majority is hardly heard. We want to change this with the help of you and many others! On 15 June 2019, people from across Germany will get together, share a meal, learn about each other, celebrate and sit down to discuss what kind of world they want to live in. The TdoG stands for community, communication and connection, and takes a stand against rage, marginalisation and isolation.

Join in! Democracy doesn’t happen on it’s own, society has to stand up for it!

Why should I register my table?

By registering your table you’ll help to officially support the nationwide TdoG – on our website we will display your table along with thousands of others on a Europe-wide map. This mass of single dots will create an impressive example, showing all the places where people campaign for an open, tolerant and diverse society.

Also, it will help people who aren’t hosting their own table to find a nearby place to participate and support the TdoG.

For us, as the organising team, it’s also really helpful because it allows us to provide you with further important information.

How big does my table have to be?

That’s totally up to you. Whether it’s a picnic blanket, benches on the village green or a table at the market place – everything is possible. We appreciate any place where people can get together on 15 June.

Can I join forces with other people to organise a table?

Definitely! Organising a table with friends or colleagues can be great fun. You could also ask your local community centre or sports club if they’re interested in mounting something together with you at the TdoG 2019.

What’s meant to happen at my table? Do we need a schedule?

That’s entirely your decision. In previous years we’ve had everything from folks chatting away on a picnic blanket, to tables in a garden colony and open theatre performances, to big events with speeches and live music. There are almost no guidelines for what can happen at your table – what’s most important to us is to fuel personal and political discussion.

Do we need to focus on specific subjects?

You can, but it’s not essential. If you want to focus on a particular topic at your table, you may want to provide material so as to promote discussion amongst participants. Soon it will be possible to inform people about the subject of your table on our website. We’ll keep you updated!

How can I make sure that enough people will know about my table and that I won’t be left sitting there all alone?

We will support you, so that this isn’t going to happen. We’ll send you posters in advance so you can invite people specifically to your table. On the download section of our website, you can find more material which will help you to promote your event. Moreover, it will be helpful if you contact your local newspaper, radio or TV station and inform them about your table and the TdoG.

On the day itself you can draw attention to your table by sharing pictures or videos on social media. When doing this, please use the hashtags #dafür, #tdog19 and #offenegesellschaft. Of course, we would also be delighted to receive one or two snapshots of your table by email.

How do I find out about other tables in my neighbourhood?

We list all registered tables on a map on our website. You can search for places and events in your vicinity, to which of course everybody is invited.

I’m hosting a table - in which ways can the initiative »Offene Gesellschaft« support me?

We are happy to help you get your table ready by sending you customisable posters and decorative materials – but if you want to get going straight away, you can download everything soon from our TdoG website.

If you have further questions concerning the process or specific activities at your table, you can send us an email or call us.

Unfortunately, other than sending you TdoG promotional materials, we cannot offer you any other financial support.

Setting up my table outside – is there anything I have to consider?

Please be aware of the following points:

- Noise awareness: Regarding music or other sources of noise, be considerate of your neighbours, especially after 8 p.m.

- In all cases, leave a passageway of (minimum) 1 metre to allow for passers-by/ buggies/ wheelchairs etc.

- Don’t block any access points for the emergency services or water hydrants.

- Don’t light any kind of open fire, including BBQs.

- At the end of the day, tidy up all the rubbish and take it with you. If your table is situated in a public place, the location must be left in the same state as you found it on your arrival.


Can I volunteer for the TdoG?

All of us – and very probably those who are hosting tables – will appreciate any helping hand on 15 June and before. See the following examples of how you could support us:

- By banging the drum for us: Share our social media posts, tell your friends and colleagues about the TdoG or send them information material that will soon be available in the download section of our website.

- On-site tasks: We are happy to put you in touch with hosts in your neighbourhood who might need your help in setting up tables, hanging up posters or preparing food.

- By becoming a TdoG-reporter: Clearly, on the day we can’t be everywhere at once. So it would be wonderful if you could report on tables in your vicinity and take photos of events. Share your posts with the hashtag #dafür, #tdog19 and #offenegesellschaft or contact your local newspapers and ask them if they would like to publish your article.

- TdoG-evaluation: Are statistics and data processing your kind of thing? Brilliant! We’d much appreciate your help in creating, processing and evaluating a representative survey amongst participants of the TdoG.

As you can see, there are many ways to contribute to the success of TdoG 2019. If other ideas occur to you, please share them with us. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear from you.

Can I organise my summer party under the motto »Day Of The Open Society«, even if it doesn’t take place on the 15th of June?

Fundamentally, you can celebrate the open society anytime you like. But this year’s nationwide campaign only takes place on 15 June.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time on the 15th of June. Is there anything else I can do to engage in the campaign?

It’s simple: Become a friend of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft on www.die-offene-gesellschaft.de. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming events and invitations, and look forward to getting to know you in person!